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Bed Bug Management: Bedding Encasements
Posted by on 12/28/2010 to Products
This article discusses bed bug management using bedding encasements.
The great thing about mattress and box spring encasements is that there is no single best time to use one.  They can and should be used all the time. 
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Gift Certificates Now Available at!
Posted by on 12/19/2010 to News
Gift Certificates are now available on! 
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BugZip featured in Howdini video with Louis Sorkin as protection against bed bugs while traveling.
Posted by on 12/18/2010 to Travel and bed bugs video featuring Entomologist Louis Sorkin of the American Museum of Natural History, highlights the importance of using bed bug protection while traveling. BugZip demonstrated in video as protection against bed bugs when traveling.
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Getting Steamed Over Bed Bugs? - The Vapamore MR-100 Steam Cleaning System
Posted by on 12/17/2010 to Products
The use of steam cleaners such as the Vapamore MR-100 serves multiple purposes in the fight against bed bugs and is especially useful for battling pesticide resistant bed bug populations. Entomologist Louis Sorkin has said, “Temperature is the Achilles Heal of bed bugs,” illustrating their inability to tolerate extreme temperatures.  It is only necessary to reach 118 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Sorkin to kill all stages of bed bug life on contact.
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Bed Bug Monitors: Optimal Use and Best Practices of Active Monitors
Posted by on 12/16/2010 to Products
Bed bug monitors can be classified as either “active” or “passive.” A passive monitor targets the behavioral patterns of bed bugs and relies on getting in their pathway or providing a need such as a cozy place to hide. It is often coupled with glue or a mechanism they cannot escape, or a platform they leave evidence of their presence on. The term monitor and trap are often used interchangeably. While traps will indeed catch bed bugs, they are not designed to manage infestations alone. Rather, they are designed primarily to confirm the presence of bed bugs.
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Bed Bugs: Why Protection & Prevention?
Posted by on 12/9/2010 to News
A multidisciplinary approach might include early detection (prevention), which can be achieved in a very economical way by using bed bug monitors. It further includes protection by significantly reducing the likelihood of both spreading and picking up bedbugs when traveling by using travel encasements and or the PackTite heater. These measures are akin to brushing your teeth and avoiding more costly and perhaps more risky procedures. The right mattress encasement is a hybrid solution in that they prevent material loss and protect against bed bugs by making one of their favorite homes unlivable. As you might already see, protection & prevention are interchangeable and collectively the mantra represents "a common sense proactive approach to avoiding problems in a responsible manner." While it is actually the closest thing to a quick fix, it promises not to come back and haunt you later.
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Avoiding Bed Bugs During Holiday Travels
Posted by Administrator on 12/4/2010 to Travel and bed bugs
See for five simple tips to avoiding bed bugs this holiday season.
Season's Greetings from
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