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Vapamore MR-100 Primo Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI)



Steam kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact!

Included Accessories for Vapamore MR-100
17 Included Accessories
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Vapamore MR-100 Primo Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI)

Clean Chemical Free With the Power of Steam!
17 Accessories Included to Clean Virtually Anything

Item No: 4201
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There's a new chemical free way to clean sanitize and deodorize your home in one easy step, the Vapamore vapor steam cleaning system. The Vapamore uses dry vapor that loosens dirt, grease and grime. The penetrating steam kills allergens,viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew without using any expensive and toxic chemical cleaners. Steamers are a great chemical free and very effective way to treat for pests such as bedbugs and dust mites. The pests and their eggs are killed instantly when subjected to the high heat produced by the steamer.

The Vapamore is your answer to complete all in one, environmentally safe and chemical free home cleaning. The Vapamore Steam cleaning system includes everything you need to clean just about anything. Just fill it up, turn it on, and start cleaning in minutes.

Features Include:
  • 1500w Stainless Steel Boiler, 7 cup / 1.6 liter capacity
  • Commercial Quality Construction
  • Adjustable Pressure Control, 58 PSI Steam Pressure
  • 6 ft. Detachable Steam Hose
  • 18 ft. Retractable Electric Power Cord
  • On-board Attachment Storage
  • 45 - 60 min. Operation Time after 11 min. Heating Time
  • Nozzle Tip Temp: 240º - 250ºF
  • Instructions in English, Spanish & French
  • 17 Accessories & Attachments Included
  • Does NOT vacuum, only steam cleaning
  • Best in Class Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Guaranteed Factory New!
Important Notes:
When treating for bedbugs or dust mites on furniture such as sofas, chairs, and beds there are a few simple steps to follow to help be successful in eradicating the pests. Before you start always make sure to follow these few rules:

Purging the steamer: Always purge the steamer, once the steamer is heated and ready for use (the red heating light turns off when ready) purge the excess water from the steam gun by depressing the trigger and expelling the water into a towel or container. This is the water that is collected as the steamer heats up initially and also can collect between uses such as moving to a new room or location between steaming. Once the water is purged attach the appropriate accessory and begin steaming. Remember with all steamer there is moisture and water build up, steam is water so always have a dry towel on hand to help absorb excess water.

Never steam into electrical outlets or connections and when steaming along base boards, wood furniture and trim always follow with a dry towel to remove the condensation or water build up. When steaming a mattresses or bedding make sure to allow the mattress or bedding to completely air dry prior to installing any plastic covers or plastic encasements commonly used for bedbug prevention.

Attachments: Using the clothes steamer attachment with the small cotton cover is great for beds, pillows, sofas, chairs etc. Pass over the area slowly with light contact in order to heat the area being treated and killing the pest and their eggs. The jet tip is great for getting into corners of bed frames, moldings, trim, furniture or any details areas that may be infected.
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