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Bedbug Beacon CO2 Active Monitor
Protect-A-Bed Box Spring Encasement
PackTite Passive Bed Bug Monitor
Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Smooth Mattress Encasement
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Protect-A-Bed BugLock Bed Bug Protection Pack
Protect-A-Bed BugLock Bed Bug Protection Pack
Bed Bug Home and Travel Inspection Kit
Bed Bug Home and Travel Inspection Kit
PackTite Passive Bed Bug Monitor
PackTite Passive Bed Bug Monitor
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Don't put your home or family at risk of bed bug infestions

Bed Bug Products for Travel Protection & Prevention

Bed Bug Video  Watch video on how to inspect a hotel room for bed bugs
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Bed Bug

Bed Bugs Info: There's no such thing as a bedbug-free hotel. Every day, every hotel is at risk of a guest bringing bed bugs into the hotel. Not many hotels are proactive and thorough with developing bed bug detection and elimination procedures. We recommend checking out hotels on and prior to booking to make sure there have not been any recent reports. Also be sure to take the necessary precautions with featured travel products.

Inspecting a hotel room for signs of bed bugs is an essential step. No one should sleep in a room that has visible signs of bed bugs since this means the infestation is already pretty severe. Just because you don't see any signs of bed bugs around the mattress, doesn't mean they aren't there. Early infestations are very difficult to detect by visual inspection...kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, we highly recommend using BugZip encasements or contractor bags to protect your belongings in a hotel room at all times. It only takes one stray bed bug to crawl into your luggage and come home with you and multiply. After bed bugs feed at night, they retreat off the bed to find a dark place to lay eggs and rest. Bed bugs have been known to travel up to 30 feet in one night. No location inside a hotel room is ever completely safe from bed bugs.

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In addition to using BugZip to keep bed bugs out of your belongings, we highly recommend bringing along a BB Alert Passive Monitor to place on every bed in a hotel. As early as the next morning, the BB Alert Monitor tells you if bed bugs are in the room. The BB Alert provides early detection and peace of mind that is invaluable for bed bug prevention and control.

Most people who are aware of bed bugs in hotels are only worried about getting bit during their hotel stay. This is actually just a minor inconvenience compared to the major life upheaval that can occur if bed bugs come home with you. Using encasements and monitorswhile travelling is a great approach to being as proactive as possible at keeping bed bugs out of your home. No one approach is foolproof as bed bugs are very clever and resilient. Never assume that you are free from bed bugs just because you did not notice any bites or did not see any signs in the hotel. Always assume they are hiding and trying their best to come home with you. With bed bugs, it is better safe than sorry.


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