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Posted by USBedBugs on 6/30/2011 to News
Bed Bugs Are Back! President of USBedBugs, Adam Greenberg, gives tips on how to prevent a bed bug infestation on ABC7 Chicago News. Watch the Video Below.

Ways to protect against bed bugs

  • Box Spring Encasement ($35)  More likely to hide and lay eggs under the box spring then in the mattress. This protectors takes away their number one hiding place so they are easier to detect earlier.
  • BB Alert Passive Monitor ($20)  4x6" bed bug hotel that goes on your bed to catch bed bugs. Can detect bed bugs in just a few days before they multiply
  • ClimbUp Interceptors ($21)  Plastic cups that go under feet of bed to catch bed bugs as they crawl on and off the bed.

How to get rid of bugs

    Heating and steam technology
  • Vapamore Dry Vapor Steamer ($299)  Ideal for killing bed bugs on mattress, bed frame or other furniture. Can penetrate in cracks and crevices better than chemicals.
  • PackTite Portable Heater ($309)  Safely kills bed bugs from books, clothes, toys, shoes, suitcases.

Tips for homeowners and travelers to prevent bed bugs:

    During the summer/After the summer months
  • BugZip Luggage Protector ($10 - $20)  Zips around suitcases and personal items while staying in hotels or anywhere outside your home. Prevents bed bugs from crawling in and coming home with you.
  • LED Flashlight ($6.99) and magnifying glass ($5.99) for inspecting hotel rooms
  • Green Rest Easy Cinnamon Spray (Starts at $9.95)  Kills on contact and repels bed bugs.
  • Year round vigilance is necessary as bed bugs are indoor pests and don't die off in the winter
  • Make sure you find actual bed bugs or their tell-tale signs. Don't start treatment on bites alone as it could easily be something else.

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