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The Bed Bug Combat Manual
Table of Contents:
1. The History of Bed Bugs and Their
2. Proper Identification and Recognition of Bed
3. Bed Bug Biology
4. Bed Bug Behavior
5. Inspection and Detection
6. Bed Bug Dogs
7. Bed Bug Control Technques
8. Non-Chemical Control Techniques
9. Using Pesticides to Kill Bed Bugs
10. Other Methods and Useful Items
11. The Traveler's Survival Guide
12. Special Situations and Composing an
      Effective Bed Bug Program
13. Hiring a Bed Bug Professional vs DIY
14. Can I get Rid of Bed Bugs Myself?
15. How Did I Get Bed Bugs?
16. Preparing for a Bed Bug Treatment
17. Preventing Cross Contamination
18. Bed Bug Warranties, Contracts, and
      Avoiding Litigation
Appendix I: Over 201 Things to Know About
                   Bed Bugs
Appendix II: Pesticides

The Bed Bug Combat Manual

Easy to Read Guide for Anyone Needing a Thorough Understanding of Bed Bugs

Item No: 4197
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Know thy enemy - 181 pages of easy to read tips, guides, photos and insight from a true expert on bed bugs. A practical resource for those who find themselves in the position of having to deal with bed bugs. This book features an extensive collection of techniques and methodologies that can be used right now. Includes appendix with 218 common bed bug FAQs, a travelers survival guide, guides to hiring a bed bug professional vs. DIY, preparing for bed bug treatment, canine inspection and much, much more.

  • Bed bug biology, behavior & identification.
  • How to inspect & early detection
  • How to build a bed bug program
  • How to get rid of bed bugs
  • Over 100 color photos and over 400 practical tips

About the Author:

Having begun his career as service technician in 1976 Paul Bello has over thirty years experience in pest management. He began his education in entomology as a pest control technology student of Dr. Austin M. Frishman at SUNY Farmingdale and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1979. He also holds an MBA in accounting from Adelphi University. He owned and operated a pest management firm, has served as technical director for large pest management firms and has followed the footsteps of his pest management mentor having appeared on National Geographic Television, been interviewed for various television news stories and appeared in newspapers and print media. He launched his pest management consulting practice in 2006 and has assisted many clients resolve bed bug problems including pest management firms, hospitality facilities, property management companies, healthcare facilities, health departments, municipalities and others.

Paperback, 181 Pages, September 2011, Published by AuthorHouse

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