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SofaSafe Bed Bug Proof Couch Encasement
SofaSafe fits up to an 8 ft sofa!


Bed bugs are extremely difficult and costly to remove from upholstered furniture. SofaSafe prevents you from having to throw out your sofas and chairs.

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SofaSafe Bed Bug Proof Couch Encasement

Protects your furniture at home or while in storage!
Total Lockdown - Bed bugs can't get in or out!!

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  • Simple to Install: Easy as 1, 2 3. See photos below.
  • Lock-in existing bed bugs: Keep SofaSafe on and secure for 18 months and any existing bed bugs will starve to death inside.
  • Lock-out new bed bugs: Takes away an easy hiding and breeding ground.
  • Waterproof: Great for protecting furniture from stains as well!
  • Dimensions: 96” W x 42” L x 40” H. (Rectangular shape)
  • Color: Tan (See color swatch below).
  • Washable: Just do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals and do not iron SofaSafe.
  • Not for Sofa Bed Mattresses: For sofabed mattresses, please see AllerZip Smooth mattress encasements.
Important Note: The manufacturer strongly recommends a piece of heavy duty tape (not included) over the end of the zipper once installed in order to secure the end of the zipper. SofaSafe will not be bed bug proof without this step.

Warning: To avoid tears or holes in SofaSafe we recommend that cardboard or padding be placed under feet of sofa (inside cover). Also, pets can cause holes with teeth or nails so pets should be kept off SofaSafe altogether.
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Color Swatch of Actual Color

sofa onto base of SofaSafe
1. Place sofa onto base of SofaSafe™
Bring top of SofaSafe all the over to bottom of SofaSafe
2. Bring top of SofaSafe™ all the way
over to bottom of SofaSafe™. Close Zipper.
Tuck SofaSafe into Sofa
3. Tuck SofaSafe™ into sofa, put sofa
back into its place.

The Sofa Safe™ is a tool used to shut down and/or prevent Bed Bugs in a sofa. DON'T THROW ANYTHING AWAY!

If you currently have a bed bug infestation then you know how easy bed bugs can spread.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere in a home, however MOST of them [bed bugs] are found in the mattress, boxspring, bed frame and the sofa. Why?....Because these are the same places people spend long periods of time at rest. Bed Bugs do not want to travel too far to get a blood meal, so they stay close you.

How do they get from the sofa to the bed -or- from the bed to the sofa?...Unfotunately - on you. Bed bugs cling to your clothes and "hitchhike" from place to place, room to room.

The "LOCK-IN" effect. A sofa that is already infested has - adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs. A sofa is "cavernous" and has hundreds of places for bed bugs to hide and lay eggs. Getting to all those "hiding places" with chemicals is not likely and is probably not healthy to even try. Bed bugs survive on only one food source - BLOOD. If the bed bug(s) can't eat blood, they will die. The Sofa Safe™ will "LOCK-IN" existing bed bugs, and prevent them from getting another blood meal. (Which means they won't be biting you!

The "LOCK-OUT" effect. By locking bed bugs out of their desired hiding places, you force them into more "open" areas, which will make treatment and removal of bed bugs much easier. Removal of "all bed bugs" from a home is time consuming. While working through the process its best to protect your sofa. If you know bed bugs are in your home, then protect your sofa from infestation by installing The Sofa Safe™. The Sofa Safe™ will "LOCK-OUT" bed bugs and allow you or a pest control professional to more easily locate and destroy your bed bug problem.

The "Financial effect". Hiring a professional is recommended to remove bed bugs, and it is expensive, but replacing furniture is even more expensive. Our customers are very thankful that they get to keep the living room, family room furniture. The Sofa Safe™ provides instant relief from bed bugs, and financial relief for you. Replacing just one sofa may cost $800 or more, and the NEW sofa could very easily become infested too. It Happens!

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