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PackTite Passive Bed Bug Monitor
Dimensions: 5” L x 3.75” W x 3/8” H
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PackTite Passive Bed Bug Monitor
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Just glance at the white skirt once a week to quickly find out as soon as bed bugs have entered the room from next door or other means. No black spots or skins means bed bugs are not present. It's that simple.

PackTite Passive Bed Bug Monitor

Early detection device for bed bugs; Use with all beds!
100% Chemical-free & maintenance-free; No bed should be without it!

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PackTite Passive Notes:
PackTite Passive Bed Bug Monitor features an optimized bedbug harbourage that encourages them to interact with the monitor. An eco-friendly device, it is heat, chemical, fragrance and upkeep free. Design allows easy inspection for fecal traces, cast skins and live samples in a few seconds.
Passive monitors are most effective when someone is sleeping in the bed on a regular basis. We recommend using “active” monitors when no one is sleeping in the bed/room at the current time.
If signs of bed bugs (fecal spots or cast skins) are detected on the monitor then there are likely bed bugs sleeping inside the monitor. Leave it in place for 14 days to cover the egg hatching period then remove and place in a ziploc bag. We recommend calling a pest control professional. Never assume that the monitor will catch every bed bug in the room.

PackTite Passive is a monitor that is specifically designed to provide an ideal hiding place for Bed Bugs. When it is placed near potential feeding sites, any active Bed Bugs will find its large number of small crevices very tempting. A white band around the sides of the device clearly shows the fecal staining & cast skins of Bed Bug activity if the insects are present. Click Here for Photos of Tell-Tale Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs will travel considerable distances between their daytime resting sites and the host, but will almost always prefer to rest very close to their feeding site if a suitable secure harborage is available. The PackTite PASSIVE monitor should therefore be positioned as close to the potential feeding site as possible, bearing in mind that it should not be subject to continuous disturbance and will need to be available for routine visual inspection. The actual placement will vary from situation to situation, but some suggested sites are:

  • On the head end of the bed box springs (if available) between the headboard supports.
  • On the underside of the top slat of the bed at the head end.
  • Placed between the mattress and the bed box springs or platform at the headboard end of the bed.
  • On the rear of the headboard.
  • On the wall below the headboard of the bed, level with the mattress.
The PackTite PASSIVE monitor has a sticky coating on its back to secure it to surfaces. While this can be used in many installations, it should not be used to secure the detector to surfaces that may be damaged when it is removed. Examples of unsuitable surfaces are wallpaper, polished wood furnishings, or mattresses that are protected against Bed Bug entry by encasements (Bed Bug mattress covers). For sensitive surfaces the PackTite PASSIVE monitor should be used without removing the protective cover on the sticky coating perhaps using clear tape to hold in place.

Inspection of the PackTite PASSIVE monitor should be made at a minimum interval of once per month for general monitoring, and as often as once per week in high risk situations. The monitors cover includes a calendar grid which should be used to note the inspection date. If no Bed Bugs are found, the PackTite PASSIVE monitor should be left in place.

  Q: What's the difference between the PackTite Passive Monitor and the ClimbUp Passive Monitor?
  A: PackTite Passive works with all beds, is easier to read/check, is much more discreet and is more effective as a monitor since bed bugs don't always enter/leave via the bed legs, which ClimbUp requires. Conversely, the ClimbUp Interceptors can alert for bed bugs AND catch some of the bed bugs before they ever reach they bed, thus providing some extra peace of mind while sleeping. They can catch other bugs too as well as collect dirt which can make positive identification difficult with the ClimbUp, especially for early stage nymphs. Lastly, ClimbUp is only effective if all bed legs are less than 3.75” in diameter. Many customers prefer to use both the PackTite Passive and the ClimbUp monitors at the same time for extra protection which works very well.
PackTite Passive Bed Bug Monitor
PackTite Passive Bed Bug Monitor
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