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<center>Summer Sale! PackTite SC Portable Bedbug Heater Bundle</center>
Summer Sale! PackTite SC Portable Bedbug Heater Bundle
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Protect-A-Bed BugLock Plus Mattress Encasements
Bed Bug Home and Travel Inspection Kit
Bed Bug Home and Travel Inspection Kit
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Inspection Tools & Kits for Bedbugs

When preparing for a trip, strongly recommends packing an LED flashlight and a magnifying glass for inspecting your hotel room upon arrival. Before bringing any bags into the room, use the flashlight to inspect behind the headboard, underneath the mattress, under the nightstand drawer and along the floor near the bed. You are looking for the tell-tale signs of bed bugs which are little black spots (looks like mold) or cast skins. Occasionally you will find bed bugs or eggs when an infestation is severe. A magnifying glass or camera with excellent zoom function will help you to determine if you have found a bed bug or something else. Once your room passes inspection, bring your belongings in and immediately place them in bags such as ZipLoc. An early infestation of bed bugs will be nearly impossible to spot. Do not assume a room is totally free of bed bugs just because you don't see any.

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Bed Bug Home and Travel Inspection Kit
Bed Bug Home and Travel Inspection Kit
Flashlight, Magnifying Lens, Tape, Specimen Bags, Travel Tips & Bed Bug Photos in a Convenient Carrying Pouch
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