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Posted by USBedBugs on 10/21/2011 to Travel and bed bugs
Over the past few years, the ever-increasing propagation of the blood sucking parasites has added an unwelcome risk factor when traveling.  Bed bugs tend to be found where people sleep or rest and then stow away in luggage and personal belongings. Hotel, motels, cruise ships, and resorts are some of the lodgings that are experiencing a growing problem with bed bugs and there seems to be no end in sight. Traveling with people is what bed bugs do best and the tiny critters are definitely a souvenir that travelers donít want to bring home.   
  1. Do Your Research- Before you book a reservation in any hotel, check to see if the property has reported any bed bug complaints.  We recommend checking Trip Advisor as well as  online for recent complaints. 
  2. Inspect the Room- Before you even bring your personal belongings into the room, inspect it for any signs of bed bugs. 
    • Using a LED flashlight and magnifying glass and , begin by inspecting the bed and its surroundings.
    • Pull back all bedding at the head of bed to look for bed bugs or fecal stains on the mattress. Fecal stains will look like coffee grinds or black pen marks and will not flake off when rubbed and will smear if wiped with a wet rag.
    • Check the underside of the mattress tag and seams of the mattress and box spring.
    • If possible lift the headboard off the wall and shine a flashlight behind it looking for black spots in or around the cracks and screw holes.
    • If bed bugs or fecal stains have been found, contact the front desk and ask for a new room. Note: if a live bed bug is found, attempt to trap it as evidence to show the front desk.
  3. Protect Your Luggage and Belongings- Just because you don't see bed bugs, doesn't mean they aren't there.  Bed bugs stay very well hidden by nature so don't let guard down even if the room looks spotless.
    • Don't place your suitcase on the bed.
    • After inspecting the luggage stand, place your luggage on the rack away from the wall.
    • Zip up your luggage and personal belongings in a BugZip and keep it zip closed when not in use. All items need to be protected in plastic bags at all times and keep everything off the bed.  Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and love to hitch rides in luggage, bags, purses, shoes and clothing.
  4. Unpack your Suitcase as Soon you Return - Even though you may have bagged your suitcases while in the hotel room, there is still a chance bed bugs could have crawled into your suitcase while on the plane or taxi.  Find a place in the garage or as far as the bedroom as possible to unpack and store your suitcase. After you suitcase is emptied, inspect with flashlight for bed bugs and eggs and spray with an all-natural bed bug spray or alcohol.
  5. Wash & Dry Everything- Any clothing should immediately go right into the washing machine.  Put any non-washable items into the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes.  You can also place clothing in dissolvable laundry bags to prevent contaminating your laundry room with bed bugs.  If you are a heavy traveler you might want to consider investing in a PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heater.  You can place your entire suitcase inside the heating chamber and it will kill all bed bugs and eggs that may have traveled home with you.

Traveling without fear of bringing bed bugs home can be easily accomplished if you follow these basic precautions.


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