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Bedbug Beacon CO2 Active Monitor
Bedbug Beacon by PackTite

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Bedbug Beacon CO2 Active Monitor

Item No. 4152, Bedbug Beacon CO2 Monitor, $49.95
Item No. 4153, Refill 3-Pack for Bedbug Beacon, $24.99
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For drawing bed bugs out of walls or furniture, we recommend the Bedbug Beacon™ CO2 (carbon dioxide) producing monitor. From the makers of PackTite™, Bedbug Beacon™ attracts bed bugs in as little as a few minutes, although can take up to two weeks for early infestations. Unlike dry ice, Bedbug Beacon™ is easy to work with, lasts for at least 5 days at a time and comes with enough supplies for two sessions, each lasting 5 to 7 days. The Bedbug Beacon™ draws bed bugs out of the walls so now you don't have to be their bait or nightly feeding ground. Also great for using after treatment to catch any stubborn bed bugs that have survived or have just hatched. Any eggs present during treatment will survive pesticides as only heat/steam kills eggs reliably. Exterminators have found the Beacon especially useful at catching bed bugs when the nesting location is not the same room as the feeding location. Placing the Beacon in between will capture many of the bed bugs when they are on the move at night. Landlords should use the Beacon to find out if an apartment has bed bugs after tenants move out. Renters and prospective home buyers should use Beacon before moving in to be sure they are not walking into a problem as part of the normal home inspection process.

Bedbug Beacon Instrustions Bedbug Beacon CO2 Bed Bug Monitor

The Beacon monitors & refills are available for immediate shipment. Item 4153 Refill 3-pack contains three bags of mix A and three bags of mix B.

Note: Bed bug monitors are not designed for control or elimination of a bed bug infestation, rather, they provide an early warning that an infestation exists. At first sight of bed bugs, it is strongly recommended to contact your local exterminator to begin/resume professional treatment. For best results, it is recommended to NOT sleep in the room while using this monitor or to completely isolate the bed with Climbup Interceptors or use BB Alert Passive Monitor in combination. Also, make sure to run the monitor for at least 5 days as recently fed bed bugs may not be interested in the monitor at first. Recommended for use in ambient temperature conditions of at least 70F. Colder ambient temperatures may prevent adequate production of CO2.
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