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Protect-A-Bed BugLock Plus Mattress Encasements
Protect-A-Bed BugLock Bed Bug Protection Pack
Protect-A-Bed BugLock Bed Bug Protection Pack
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Bed Bug Home and Travel Inspection Kit
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Bed Bugs Survive Song

Bed Bugs Survive Song Performed October 8, 2010 at Safer Pest Control Project Benefit Sponsored by
To the tune of I WILL SURVIVE

At first I was asleep
In my bed I lied
Just dreaming dreamy dreams
While lying on my side.
But I felt a little itch
And something crawling on my leg
I woke up
I jumped out of my bed

And now they're back
theyre every place
I just opened up my suitcase
And they jumped up in my face
I should have checked my hotel bed
I should have boiled all my clothes
If I had known I would be bitten
From my knees up to my nose
And so I sprayed.
It didnt work.
They just kept biting me
and I felt just like a jerk
Stupid people said they never would be back
that DDT
would stop them in their track
Oh no, Ay Ay-
they did survive
as long there are humans
They will somehow stay alive
They need our blood to live
Weve got lots of blood to give
They will survive- They will survive- Oy Vey.
It took all the dough I had
To get rid of them
I even got a PhD
In Bio Chem
and I spent oh so many hours
looking underneath the bed
I got some heat
And now I think we got em beat


yes now were free
no bugs in bed
No more looking in the mirror for those
Little dots of red
and I know where I should be looking
where a bedbug egg might be because
the folks at safer pest control are looking after me

And now theyre gone
Out of my bed
Cause I remembered
What Kim and Rachel said
IPM not DDT its the only way for me
Because its safer
and its smarter dont you see?
Ill tell you why
They cant survive
In temperatures that get above
One hundred twenty five
It will kill all of their eggs
It will curl their tiny legs
They wont survive
They wont survive

And when you go
To a hotel
Lift up the mattress
And if you see em give a yell
Remember that theyll cling to every stinking thing
You have to kill them
Only heat will make em fry
Itll make em die
Or theyll survive
And sneak into your clothing
And take a little ride
And when youre finally home
Those bugs will start to roam
They will survive
They will survive

To visit Safer Pest Control Project's website for IPM information or to make a donation Click Here.

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