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Posted by on 2/28/2012 to Travel and bed bugs

Here are a few subjects that are covered.

Before you leave for travel, open suitcase and pack items sealed in either a BugZip bag or Ziploc bag. Once sealed they will remain bedbug free until you unseal so no need to worry about non clothing items getting infected during the journey.

While traveling, check areas around you as much as possible but avoid looking suspicious at the airport by checking under everything and check the seat before you sit down on the plane.

Upon returning home, outside of home remove the protective layers of wrap and place in bin / recycling this has ensured your bags always remain safe and therefore the contents are also safe. Remove outer layer of clothes and place in dissolvable laundry bag and wash at 60 degree centigrade or equivalent or PackTite or place in hot dryer for extended time. Personal items such as phones, wallets and cards are highly unlikely to become infected if you check locations.

Click here to read the full article. Source: David Cain, Bed Bugs Limited UK

David inspecting his Chicago hotel room from NYvsBB on Vimeo.


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