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Bed Bug Blue Fecal Spot Detection Kit
Bed Bug Blue Professional Kit
Bed Bug Blue by PackTite

Using Bed Bug Blue in a Hotel Room

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Bed Bug Blue Fecal Spot Detection Kit

Item No. 4261, Bed Bug Blue Home (9 tests), $28.95
Item No. 4259, Bed Bug Blue Professional (100 tests), $99.95
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One of the most common signs of bedbug infestation, fecal spots, are also one of the hardest to accurately identify. Bed Bug Blue™ is a simple and inexpensive test kit designed to aid in the identification of fecal spots left behind by hidden bed bugs. After only one minute you will be able to determine if the black spots are actually from bed bugs or not! The Bed Bug Blue™ Fecal Spot Detection Kit includes:
  • Proprietary detection tape
  • 1 bottle of developer fluid
  • Cotton swabs (Note: Professional Kit includes 20 swabs)
  • Instruction card
Bed Bug Blue™ will turn blue for bed bug fecal spots whether they are new or old (up to 2 years old) as long as the spotting has not been wiped down with cleansers or other chemicals.

Home Kit Video   Professional Kit Video

Note: Bed Bug Blue™ uses a proprietary developer fluid and tape to turn blue at the presence of bed bugs. In general, this test is detecting the presence of blood in the fecal spotting. In order to avoid false positive results, we recommend understanding the look and general properties of bed bug fecal spotting in order to avoid testing fecal spots from other insects that do not meet the general characteristics of bed bug spotting. Bed bug fecal spots appear like mold spots when in clusters and are generally black or very dark brown. They will smear like charcoal and retain their dark color when using a cotton swab. See some images here.
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Customer Reviews Average Rating review
What can I say, I love Bed Bug Blue!
A MUST HAVE inspection tool! Having done literally thousands of inspections for people I can honestly tell you the easiest signs to find during an inspection are fecal traces. But how do you prove the spots come from bed bugs? The answer is simple, Bed Bug Blue. I have tested fecal traces on every possible substrate and the test has never failed. I also made sure to test things I knew were not feces just to be sure the test would not give me a false reading, and I mean everything I could find.
Reviewed by: John Furman from Boot-A-Pest, New York City on 3/6/2012

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