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Bed Bug Barrier Passive Monitor Glue Trap

An extremely simple, effective and low cost solution to bed bug infestations.

Bed Bug Barrier Passive Monitor Glue Trap

Stops Infestations Before They Get Started...Discreetly!
No Maintenance, Never Needs Replacing

Item No. 4110, Screw-In Barrier, Each, $6.99
Item No. 4110P, Screw-In Barrier, Box/100, $549
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Screw-In Style Bed Bug Barrier
Screw-In Style Barrier
(Bed post not included)

Please Measure Bed Legs Carefully to Make Sure They Fit. Barriers Are Not Returnable Due to Potential Exposure to Bed Bugs.

Simply attach the bed bug barriers to the bed legs and create an impassable barrier between the bed and the bed bugs. Environmentally safe and friendly.

The Bed Bug Barrier uses natural, non-toxic resins and waxes to create an impassable floor barrier that stops bed bugs before they can reach any sleeping victims. The natural glue in the barrier is non-drying, non-toxic and long lasting. The Bed Bug Barrier is designed to provide long-term protection and is a must have in any monitoring and prevention program.

  • Great Prevention Tool for Hotels: Greatly reduces extermination costs since many infestations are stopped when the initial bed bug brought in by a guest is caught in the glue trap.
  • Pesticide-Free Monitor: Non-toxic glue traps live bugs for early detection and permanent isolation.
  • Discreet Design: Screw-In barrier (fits at top of bed legs).
  • Easy to Install: Never needs replacing or maintenance.
  • Early Detection: Call a pest control professional as soon as you see bedbugs.
  • Dimensions: Screw-In Barrier fits legs 1.75” diameter or less at the top.
  • Eco-friendly and Safe: Isolates bed without pesticides, dusts or powders.
  pdf  Screw-in Barrier Brochure

Note: Check under each bed to count how many feet there are, even way in the middle.
Many beds have more than four feet and you must put a Barrier on all feet for them to be effective. Additionally, Bed Bug Barriers are not designed to catch 100% of all bed bugs in a room. Some bed bugs will attempt to find alternate routes to reach the bed to feed. If you suspect bed bugs are present in a room, we strongly recommend contacting a pest control professional immediately.
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